Posté le 24.10.2004

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The state of contemporary Chinese culture is a constant preoccupation for Tianbing Li. His position between eastern and western culture as well as his broad knowledge of traditional and modern painting provide most of the material for his art. The destruction of Chinese artistic traditions, first by the Cultural Revolution and then by the invasion of western culture, especially American, is a major theme in his paintings.
The artist is well aware of the danger of a frozen culture. For him, the artist must move incessantly in order to stay alive. Yet, at the same time, Li is also nostalgic for China’s great cultural past that is in danger of being totally forgotten. Between the old and the new, the east and the west Tianbing Li plays with humor and skilfully handles the role of mediator.

Références :
2004 Galerie Albert Benamou
2004 Kashya Hildebrand Gallery
2003 Galerie french-made
2002 Galerie donzévansaanen
2000 Musée Marzelles GROUP EXHIBITIONS
2004 FIAC,Art Miami, Galerie Guislain Etat d’art
2003 Biennale d’Issey
2003 Couvent des Cordeliers
2002 Première vue, passage de Rez
2002 Jeune création
1999 Museum of Modern Art, Dubrovnik
1998 Galerie Progres, Belgrade

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